Live Career Highlights


Moscow , Russia , Arma 17 October 2013 (Traversable Wormhole and ADMX-71 Live)
Rome, Italy, Artillegent September 2013 (Adam X DJ Set)
Brussels, Belgium, Recyclart September 2013 (Traversable Wormhole Live)
Budapest, Hungary A38, September 2013 (Adam X DJ Set)
Frankfurt Germany, Tanzhaus West, September 2013 (Adam X DJ Set)
Barcelona, Spain , Moog, June 2013
Stuttgart, Germany, Club Lehmann May 2013 (Adam X Dj Set, ClR Night)
Paris , France, Cabaret Le Sauvage May 2013 (Adam X DJ Set, Sonic Groove Label Night)
Berlin, Germany, Panorama Bar, March 2013 (Adam X Old School House set with Function)
Bari , Italy, February 2014 (Adam X DJ Set)
Berlin, Germany , Tresor January 2013 (Traversable Wormhole Live)
Brussels, Belgium , Sonore Foundation Nov 2012 (Adam X Live & DJ Set)
Plonk, Bergen, Norway, September 2012(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Berghain, Berlin, Germany, September 2012(Adam X DJ Set)
Tresor, Berlin, Germany, August 2012(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Coco Rico, Rimini, Italy August 2012(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Edit Festival , Harlem , Holland May 2012(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Culture Box , Copenhagen , Denmark , May 2012 (Adam X DJ Set)
Brussels, Belgium , Sonore Foundation May 2012 (Adam X Live & DJ Set)
Berghain, Berlin , Germany , April 2012 (Adam X DJ Set)
Club Module , Tokyo , Japan , December 2011 (Traversable Wormhole Live)
Club Lehmann, Stuttgart, Germany , Sept 2011 (Traversable Wormhole Live)
Cookies, Berlin, August 2011(Adam X DJ Set)
Electrodes & Wires, Maria, Berlin , May 2011(Adam X DJ Set)
Grounded Theory @ Arena, Berlin April 2011(Adam X Live)
Moog, Barcelona, March 2011(Adam X DJ Set)
About Blank, Berlin February 2011(Adam X DJ Set)
Grounded Theory @ Horst, Berlin February 2011(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Dunkel, Copenhagen, November 2010(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Module, Tokyo Japan, November 2010(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Motoguzzi, Zurich, August 2010(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Norberg Festival, Sweden July 2010(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Berghain Berlin Feb , Sept 2010(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Electrodes And Wires Events @ Maria Feb, April , July 2009
Crossing The Parallel 5 , April 2009 @ Maria Berlin
Tresor Berlin Feb 2009
Crossing The Parellel 2,3,4 ,Berlin April, May , September 2008
Electrodes And Wires Events @ Maria Feb, April , July 2009
Crossing The Parallel 2, 3 Berlin April and July 2008
Rote Sonne – Munich June 2008
Tresor Feb, April Berlin 2008
Mindstrike, Madrid October 2007
Maria Berlin October 2007
Bombomatic, Antwerp September 2007
Moog, Barcelona September 2007
Sustance, Edinburgh Scotland September 2007
Schlagstrom Berlin August 2007
Watergate Berlin , July 2007
Acid Wars, Holland June 2007
Red and Black-Distellery Liepzig May 2007
Tryptique-Paris France – February 2007
Distellery-Leipzig, Germany – May 2007
Neu Heimat: Stuttgart Germany – March 2005
S036(500th Anniversary): Berlin Germany – October 2005
Maschinenfest: Krefeld Germany – October 2005
Always Underground: Namur, Belgium – October 2004
Maschinenefest: Krefeld, Germany – October 2004
Flex: Vienna, Austria – October 2004
Neu Heimat: Stuggart, Germany – Oct. 2004, Jan. 2003 and Oct. 2005
Rex Club: Paris, France – Dec. and Jan. 2003, and March 2005
Unknown Festival: Eindhoven, Holland – June 2002 with Acid Junkies and others
Club Casa: Chile – January 2000
Blondie: Chile – January 1999
Gasometer: Vienna, Austria – Oct. 1997 8,000 attendance
Gasometer: Vienna, Austria – July 1997 10,000 attendance
Love Parade: Berlin, Germany – July 1997 (Special 2 hour set at the Tresor club)
Club Yellow: Tokyo, Japan – April 1997
Tresor Club: Berlin, Germany – March 1996
Final Frontier: London – March 1996
Gasometer: Vienna, Austria – March 1996 8,000 attendance
Rezerection: Edinburgh, Scotland – April 1995 3,000 attendance
Ultraschall (Club): Munich, Germany – April 1995
Passerella (Club): Essen, Germany – April 1995
(?) Illegal Event: Paris, France – April 1994 with Heather Heart, Jimmy Crash
Energy 93: Zurich, Switzerland – Sept. 1993 15,000 attendance
Sound and Vision: Copenhagen, Denmark – June 1993 with Miss Djax and others
Total Confusion: Gotenburg, Sweden – June 1993 with Source
Union Rave: Dusseldorf, Germany – March 1993
Bruckenkopf: Mainz, Germany – Jan. 1993
Mayday 3: Berlin, Germany – Dec. 1992 6,000 attendance (Headliner)
The Omen (Club): Frankfurt, Germany – Oct. 1992
The Warehouse: Koln, Germany – Oct. 1992 with Dave Angel, Roland Casper
Rave Age: Paris, France – Feb. 1992 3,000 attendance

Machine-Corsica Studios-London October 2011(Adam X DJ Set)
Hub Club-London July 2010(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Monox: *Live PA* Glasgow – March 2007
Monox: *Live PA* Glasgow – April 2006 with Coder 23(Front 242)
Monox: Glasgow – March 2005
G8Crasher: Edinburgh – July 2005
Monox: *Live PA* Glasgow – July 2005
Optimo: *Live PA* Glasgow – October 2005
Superconductor: Leeds UK – New Years Eve 2004
Dogma: Edinburgh, Scotland – October 2004
Fabric: London – May 2003 with Andrew Weatherall /May 2003
Digital: Edinburgh – May 2003
Monox: Glasgow – May 2002
Haywire: London – April 2002 (Andrew Weatherall B-day bash)
Atomic Jam: Birmingham – Nov. 1997 with Joey Beltram
Sativae Club: Edinburgh – Jan. 1997
Digital Nation: London – Nov. 1995 with Claude Young and Ian Pooley
Eurobeat 2000: London – April 1995 with Patrick Pulsinger
Nai / Sativae: Glasgow, Scotland – March 1995
Analogue City: London – Jan. 1995 with T-1000 and Juan Atkins
Sativae: Edinburgh, Scotland – May 1994
Lost: London – Dec. 1993 Richie Hawtin and C.J. Bolland
Knowledge: London – May 1993 with Colin Favor and Colin Dale


Studio 200, Milwaukee, November 2013(Adam X DJ Set)
Smart Bar, Chicago July 2013(Adam X DJ Set & Traversable Wormhole Live)
Blank Code Detroit July 2013(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Output, NYC Jul 2013 (Adam X Tag team DJ set with Ron Morelli and Anthony Parasole)
Club Norad Denver, Dec 2012 (Traversable Wormhole Live)
Adam X 6 Hour DJ Set @ National Underground June & November 2011
Oktave NYC , June 2011(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Mutek Festival, Montreal, June 2011(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Movement Festival, Detroit,May 2011(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Circus, Montreal, January 2011 (Traversable Wormhole Live)
BLKMarktMembership, NYC,Sept 2011(Traversable Wormhole Live)
Bunker, NYC December 2010 (Traversable Wormhole Live)
July 2006-PS 1 NYC Live PA-Open Air 4000 person party… The legendary Storm Raves, Elektronik Underground / Mental Parties, Park Rave Parties and hundreds of other parties and clubs including Twilo, Vinyl, Exit, Carbon, Limelight… Too many to list!

Detroit: DEMF 2006 Live PA mainstage with Nitzer Ebb, Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin, Derrick May and Neil Landstrumm -Over 20 parties and raves including the biggest rave after party for DEMF 2001. Played 3 sets at DEMF itself in 2002 and 2006, including prime time on the main stage in front of 20,000 people

Los Angeles: Over 50 parties and raves starting in 1990, at least 20 since 1999

Chicago: Over a dozen performances, most notable was the Grooveyear rave in 1992 and Crobar for TVT/Wax Trax tour in July 1999

Washington DC: Played the legendary Catastrophic and Future Raves as well as numerous clubs such as Buzz

Wisconsin: Played for 3 Drop Bass Network parties including Further and Balance

San Francisco: Played at the Felix outdoor rave in August 1992 with 3000 in attendance.

Alaska: Played a rave in Anchorage July 2000 with 800 people in attendance

Canada: Over a dozen performances in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Ottawa including Aria (One of the premier clubs in North America located in Montreal) as well as two times at Sona Club (Montreal) to 1500+ people

East Coast: Hundreds of raves and clubs since 1990 including events at Clubs Axis, Boston, Shampoo, Pulse Providence, Freight Yard Allentown, Pulse NJ, Mega Raves: Whistle, Bang, April Fools, Primary Parties in New England… (Again, too many to list!!!)

Industrial/Goth/Fetish Events: Das Bunker Los Angeles *Live PA* , Byte NYC *Live PA* , Alchemy Washington DC *Live Pa*, Providence Noise Fest* Providence Rhode Island *DJ Set*, Diabolique Ball 2000 at Club Egypt (Philadelphia),Saturnalia at Club 1616(Philadelphia) Shock Therapy (Philadelphia), Gomorrah @ Club True (NYC), Batcave @ Downtime (NYC), Red @ Limelight (NYC), Zen Warp @ Limelight (NYC), Club Hell (Providence, RI), Kommencement @ Sonar (Baltimore, MD), QXT’s(Newark, NJ)

Adam has also made numerous appearances in the following cities:
Charlotte, SC, Greensboro, NC, Daytona, FL, Tampa, FL, Minneapolis, MN, Columbus, OH, Cleveland, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Miami, FLA, Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Cedar Rapid, IA, Phoenix, AZ, Denver, CO, Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, New Orleans, LA, Kansas City, MO, Albuquerque, NM, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Pittsburg, PA, Monroe, LA, Memphis, TN, Louisville, KY, Manchester, NH Portland, ME, Tuscon, AZ, Madison, WI, San Antonio, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Dayton, OH Cincinnati, OH, Roanoke, VA, Rochester, NY, Buffalo, NY, Albany, NY, Omaha, NE, Kansas City, MO, Burlington, VT